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Although there was lot of enthusiasm regarding using windmills to create electricity long time back, the interest died out over the time as windmills were not found to be efficient enough to generate steady electricity. However, new techniques and new generation turbines have proven that today it is possible to generate electricity efficiently using windmills, and it is again considered as a very viable alternative source of energy.

What is a WINDMILL?

Windmills, wind turbines, wind generators…  Don’t get confused. All three words are interchangeable today.

A wind generator is a device that converts wind energy to electrical energy. Wind generators have been used in form of windmills for irrigation pumping and for milling grain since the 7th century AD. In the United States, the development of the “water-pumping windmill” was the major factor in allowing the farming and ranching of vast areas otherwise devoid of readily accessible water.

Contemporary electricity-generating versions are referred to as wind turbines. The modern wind power industry began in 1979 with the serial production of wind turbines, which were small by today’s standards, with capacities of 20–30 kW each. Since then, wind turbines have increased greatly in size, while wind turbine production has expanded to many countries.

Working principles

A windmill converts wind energy into mechanical energy for mechanical work. It consists of blades, a tower, a shaft, a base, and a generator. As the blades of the wind turbine rotate by the wind, it generates mechanical energy.

The blade of a windmill is basically connected to a shaft. This shaft is connected to a generator. The movement of the blades produces the mechanical energy, which in turn is converted into electrical energy courtesy the electrical generator.

The best conditions

They work the best if you have a large area of at least one acre and the wind speed in your area is consistently at the average of 11 miles per hour.

Why you should use them…

The wind power makes use of wind energy which is absolutely free.

Windmills generate clean energy. It does not emit harmful gases, nuclear ores, or other pollutants.

Using this free energy compansates the costs of the wind turbines you installed, in other words they are extremely cost-effective.

Wind power gets you off the grid, make you self-sufficient, so you don’t depend on anything for power.

Although wind turbines can be very tall, each has a very small base and takes up only a small plot of land. The land below can still be used conveniently.

They are available at a great range of sizes.
If you are after generating WINDMILL POWER FOR YOUR HOME…

…and if you are going to be setting up a home wind generator without professional help, there are numerous helpful guides available on the Internet that will get you results.

I reviewed a few of these and the ones below have made my final list of recommendations. Go ahead and visit the individual sites too, to find out more about the details involving this smart step you will be taking for yourself and for those around you.

If you thinking of going off the grid these sources may interesst you.


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